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Our robust Business Intelligence practice has a proven track record of efficiently and effectively turning your data into better decision making through improved analytics.

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Assessment Services

We offer a broad range of assessment services. We can begin with something as simple as a brief call to get a high-level view of where your business intelligence capabilities stand and provide initial recommendations and approaches. We can also perform a more extensive assessment to give you a deeper understanding of what data you have, what opportunities and challenges are at hand, and what your budget considerations should be.


Business Intelligence Roadmap

Together, we can design a comprehensive, actionable and pragmatic plan to establish your overall business intelligence solution, including a strategy for your data warehouse, pipelines and platform, timeline, budget, risks, and project plan for execution.


We leverage years of experience in successful business intelligence implementations and work in collaboration with your team to minimize risk and maximize success as you transform the data, analytics and reporting for your enterprise.

Proof of Concept & Minimum Viable Product

We can quickly build a proof-of-concept for a solution identified in your strategic roadmap to see first-hand what’s possible in a short amount of time. We’ll gain access to and pipeline data to quickly develop initial reporting. Seeing timely success, you’ll have the option to move forward with more robust, long-term solutions.

Phased Approach

For a more robust, longer-term solution, our most pragmatic approach builds out your business intelligence roadmap in phases across different areas of your enterprise. Offered on a monthly Time & Materials basis, we give you the flexibility and reliability to take you as far as you need to go.

Enterprise-Level Support

When your organization needs AIT’s continual support to help work through your Business Intelligence challenges, we provide enterprise-level support and comprehensive engagements.


AIT leverages our decades of expertise to help you engineer the underlying foundational systems that your organization needs to drive your business intelligence and analytical insights.


We can help you successfully choose and set up the pipeline tools necessary to move data from your various business systems and into a best-of-breed data warehouse solution.

Full Enterprise Platform

With years of experience and expertise in business intelligence we’ll build you an efficient, optimized and future-proof business intelligence infrastructure. We’ll give you an end-to-end data platform, including everything from pipelines, orchestration, data warehousing, and reporting tools to bring your data to life.

Tailored Services

From setting up specific elements of your data infrastructure to completely engineering and implementing a new reporting system, our seasoned business intelligence team can tailor solutions to suit your specific needs. We also offer the flexibility to use our platform for quick standup and potential cost savings, or we can use your existing tools and technology stack. We’ll develop a solution that provides maximum value and best fit.


Zenoti Driven Spas and Salons - Data Insight and Reporting

We’ve developed a reporting and data product to help Zenoti powered salons and spas turn data into smart, practical, and actionable reporting to give your business an edge in profitability, efficiency and growth. Once set up, our monthly subscription-based service provides optimized standard reporting and access to our team of expert analysts to discover the insights needed to effectively run your business.

Welcome to the Data Revolution

Our Business Intelligence solutions drive quicker, better decisions, improving efficiency through automation - streamlining your business through better insights.
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