Technology Management Consulting

For decades, AIT has helped companies across a diverse span of industries choose, implement, and manage technology and adjust their processes and business models to achieve profitable, long-term growth.

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Assessment Services

Every business has its unique strengths, risks and challenges. Our proven assessment processes and methodologies will provide you with invaluable insight into your existing technology and what is needed to reach your organization’s goals.


Our technology assessment covers architecture, individual systems, security, disaster recovery, management and team, overall methodologies and detailed cost analysis with baselining. It will expose blind spots, identify risks, highlight opportunities for improvement and costs savings—information that will position you competitively and help to drive further value in the business.


Together with our information security experts, we use our proven methodologies as part of our assessment process to perform a complete audit of your organization’s cybersecurity posture and overall risk to ensure your most important asset, your information, is well-protected.

Strategic Consulting

In today’s competitive business environment, every organization needs a well-informed and complete technology plan that identifies short-term objectives and long-term growth opportunities. Together, we’ll design a strategic roadmap that documents the technology requirements for your business and provides an actionable plan forward, prioritizing the initiatives with the greatest positive impact in the shortest amount of time.

General Strategy

AIT’s technology experts help you outline and specify how technology can support your overall corporate strategy. We formulate a comprehensive technology strategy designed to transform and enhance your systems, methodology, team composition, and approach. This strategy encompasses short-term improvements while also developing a long-term approach to secure and maintain a competitive edge.

Systems Selection

We can provide systems selection strategies and criteria based on where your company is now and where it wants to go. Our team of experts has managed selection and implementation across a wide spectrum of technology solutions for Finance, ERP, CRM, HRIS, CDP, marketing and more. We are uniquely experienced and will provide analysis of pros and cons, software/vendor diligence, implementation timelines, expected requirements and costs, and actual contract negotiation.

Carve-Out Strategy

AIT can help you define a strategy and approach for the effective carve-out of your divesting business. We will develop a plan that effectively stands up needed technology across a timeline that ties directly into the constraints of your TSA, achieves necessary organizational goals and adheres to an established budget.


Exit Readiness

When preparing your business to sell, we help maximize its technology position and posture for buyers to ensure maximum valuation at time of sale. We review your company’s current capabilities and potential risks to develop a smart and executable strategy to help you elevate the value of its technology offering and coach your existing team members on how to represent you best.

Technology Management

By helping your organization execute the roadmap and strategy we’ve created together, we can successfully transform the overall technology operations of your business.

Carve-Out Management

We can accelerate the implementation of your carve-out strategy with our skilled executive leadership and project management team that is highly proficient in managing risk and improving operational efficiency through technology. We will ensure that your business divests on time and on budget.

Implementation Management

Our technology management team helps maximize implementation success with our proven project management resources and approach. Our exceptional service delivery model, paired with experienced consultants, supports the transformation of your technology and carefully manages each implementation with the care and vigilance necessary for you to reach the next level.

Interim CIO or CTO

With our demonstrated methodology and extensive track record of spearheading IT projects and overseeing organizations for more than two decades, we are sought after by clients to assume the roles of interim CIOs and CTOs. Whether your business is undergoing a period of transition, growth, or facing challenges, you can rely on our seasoned leadership and extensive industry expertise to manage through and emerge stronger.

CISO Services

For clients grappling with compliance obligations or seeking to fortify their defenses against the constantly evolving landscape of security threats, we offer fractional Chief Information Security Officer services. Our seasoned professionals excel at comprehending the technological risks, adapting to your specific parameters, and aligning with your business objectives to ensure that you are secure and strategically positioned for the future.

Transform Your Technology With AIT

Our comprehensive array of capabilities and services empowers us to collaborate closely with you in developing a vision for your future with technology and realizing it together.
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