Human Capital Management

AIT can help turn the intricacies of your organization’s team and structure into opportunities to drive growth, productivity and overall business valuation.

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Functional Assessments

Our organizational assessment helps you understand whether the overall makeup of your team aligns with your business goals and strategy. We provide clarity into whether you’ve got the right people, appropriate organizational structure, and how well you’re positioned for now and the future.

AIT’s functional assessment gives you a better understanding of whether your teams are performing at at ideal levels and whether or not they are capable of contributing at the level necessary to meet the needs of the future state organization. What are potential skills gaps and what is the best approach to addressing those? Are there capabilities that are altogether missing? We find the answers to those questions to help you identify where the challenges and opportunities lie.


Talent Strategy

With a stronger understanding of your current organizational structure and overall business objectives, we will develop a strategy that addresses any needed changes and carefully outline any investment necessary to solve for near term challenges and to also define how to best plan and execute for the future. Our pragmatic strategies are the foundation for the evolution you need.

Market Survey

Salary Baselining

One of the critical elements in attracting and retaining talent, and managing profitability, is your salary offering. To optimize your salary spend, AIT draws on exhaustive market research to show you how you compare to competitive organizations and highlight risks and opportunities. Our extensive experience and access to baseline data will determine and define competitive salary levels.

Make the Most of Your Team

We help elevate the success of your business by maximizing the value of your team.
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